Check In.



Full disclosure, our team took a brief (slightly longer than we had planned) break.

We did some travel, saw some cool stuff, meet some rad people, ate some good food & drank a few (too many) beers.

Before we knew it a brief hiatus had turned into 2 years, which was cool, but now we’re ready to deliver some goods.


THWKND Goods Company is now operating out of both New Zealand & Australia, with delivery options worldwide.

We are hyped to bring you our upcoming August release, which is set to go live Thursday 13th August at 6 PM (AEST)/8PM (NZT).

Exclusive access will be available to all pre-sale code holders 24 hours prior to official release. To request your code, head over to our STORE now. Or later. But preferably now.

Oh, and hit us up on Instagram and Facebook to see some other cool stuff.


Sweet, that’s it really. Chat soon.

- TGC.